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Psychiatric Psychotherapy Hong Kong
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Dimensions Center

Psychiatric and Psychotherapy Practice in Hong Kong Central

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Psychological Assessment
We provide behavioral, psychological, psychiatric, neuro-cognitive, and forensic assessment and evaluation for adults, teens, and children.
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The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new
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About Us

Dimensions Center – Psychiatric Psychotherapy Hong Kong (Central) is a clinic that provides psychiatric and psychotherapy services. Services providers include clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, marriage and family counsellor, educational psychologist, mindfulness trainers, and expressive art therapist. We work with families, couples, adults and children coping with challenges.

We work collaboratively with clients to establish short-term, intermediate and long-term treatment goals. Together, we develop concrete plans and specific steps to tackle behaviors, beliefs and barriers that interfere with optimal functioning.

We provide Psychological Assessment services, including behavioral, psychological, intellectual, psychiatric, neuro-cognitive, panic, anxiety , anger, and forensic assessment and evaluation for seniors, adults, teens, and children. Our Individual Psychotherapy and Management Programs focus on promoting positive psychological development and management of emotional, psychological, behavioral, and relationship challenges.

Therapists in Dimensions Center are trained in a wide range of therapeutic models, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Psychotherapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Emotion-Focused Therapy and Gottman Method for Couple and Family Counselling. We also focus on promoting effective stress management and conflict resolution know-how in resolving marital and family problems. Our Child Behavioral and Child Emotional Therapy for children aims to improve the communication ability and skills building for both parent and child through systemic assessment and continue support. The goals are to enhance emotion and behavioral management, and promote pro-social skills in children. Pharmacological Interventions provide pharmacological treatment through diagnostic assessment, medication evaluation, and medication monitoring and management. Specialised group courses in Parent Training and Mindfulness provide an ideal opportunity to address these needs.


We provide ....

Behavioral and Emotion Psychotherapy for Children

We provide communication skills training for parents and children through systemic assessment. Enhance emotional and behavioral management through psychotherapy, and promote social skills and self-control…

Couple and Family Counselling

We provide skills training that aims to enhance communication and effective interactions among couple and family members. We provide effective stress management and conflict resolution…

Individual psychotherapy and management programs

We aim to promote positive psychological development and management of emotional, psychological, behavioral, and relationship challenges. Therapists in Dimensions Center Hong Kong are trained in…

Pharmacological Intervention

We provide pharmacological treatment through diagnostic assessment by our qualified psychiatrists, medication evaluation, monitoring and management combined with psychotherapy.

Meet our Therapists


Dr. CHAO, Puihan Joyce

Dr. CHAO, Puihan Joyce provides psychological, behavioral and forensic evaluation services, and cognitive and behavioral therapies to adults, adolescents, couples, and families with emotional, behavioral or psychological health challenges, such...

Dr. CHEUNG, Wai-Him

Dr. CHEUNG has more than 20 years experience in assessment and treatment of mood disorders and anxiety disorders.  He also has extensive experience in assessment and treatment of mental health...

Dr. POON MAK, Sui Man Rachel

Dr. Poon worked in the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service of Kwai Chung Hospital for over 20 years. She has left the position of Senior Clinical Psychologist for a...

Dr. CHEUNG, C.Y. Amos

Dr. Amos CHEUNG is currently a Research Assistant Professor at the Department of Social Work and Social Administration, The University of Hong Kong. Before joining the University of Hong Kong,...

Ms. Lori Chau

Lori is an individual and couples relationship counsellor. Since 2013, Lori has been helping individuals and couples with relationship issues and helping clients acquire the tools they need for better...

Mr. CHIU Chi Cheong, Clifton

Mr. Chiu provides psychological counselling in reality therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, solution-focused therapy, and NLP techniques to individuals with emotional or behavioral stuckness due to: stress, anxiety, grief, poor chronic...

Ms. Rhonda Poon

Trained and educated in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and Australia, Ms. Poon is a registered clinical psychologist with experience in multi-cultural and international settings.

Mr. Stanley Chan

Stanley Chan is a registered Educational Psychologist, and had work experience in mainstream and special schools, as well as preschool and adult psychiatric rehabilitation services.

Dr. CHAN, P.S. Vivien

Dr. Vivien CHAN started her practice as Clinical Psychologist in the University of Hong Kong and currently working in private practice.  She is experienced in providing both individual and group...

Ms. Lam, Hei Snowy

Ms. Snowy Lam is the founder of Poiesis Garden, which promotes healthy development of body-mind-spirit integration. She works with a wide range of clients including people with mood disorder, bereaved,...

Dr. Candice Powell

Dr. Candice Powell is a practicing clinical psychologist in a community mental health organization. She is also an honorary lecturer at The University of Hong Kong.

Specialised Programs

We believe in the effectiveness of integrated and client-focused approach in treatment. We have worked with clients who have improved their lives and reduced their psychological suffering and dysfunction.

Cognitive Performance Skills Training

Brain training exercises are a system of highly targeted exercises used to improve brain’s cognitive psychological skills. Research has identified cognitive ability as the root source…

Emotion Management Program (Group Counseling)

Counselling to help people to identify schema of emotions, explore functions of emotions, discuss treatment for mood disorders, and learn and practice effective psychological skills…

Integrated Caregiver Support Counseling Program

Focuses on enhancing the emotional and psychological wellbeing of caregivers through stress management training, educational talks, community referrals, and direct support and counseling related to…

Integrated Family Intervention For Elderly

Provides comprehensive assessment, treatment and care support for individuals with psychological, emotional or behavioral problems associated with memory deteriorations, depression, or other aging issues.

Parent Management Training

Teaches families effective parenting strategies including the use of positive reinforcement, antecedents, practice, and problem solving. The aims are the improve children’s pro-social behavior and…

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