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Mr. Stanley Chan


Stanley Chan is a registered Educational Psychologist, and had work experience in mainstream and special schools, as well as preschool and adult psychiatric rehabilitation services. Apart from the common educational psychology services such as psychological assessment and intervention, Stanley has also conducted extensive studies on parenting education. His research, which explored parenting education in Hong Kong, has attained the Tripe P Early Career Research Award from the Parenting and Family Support Centre of the University of Queensland. He is also the first local trainer accredited to deliver Triple P Provider Training Courses.

As an experienced mindfulness teacher, Stanley has been invited to be the Member of Research and Training Team of the CUHK Thomas Jing Centre for Mindfulness Research and Training, in addition to being the professional trainer and group facilitator of the MYmind program [the mindfulness program designed by the University of Amsterdam for children with ADHD and ASD]. He has also completed the Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Training Retreat organized by the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, as well as the Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Supervision Workshop run by the Hong Kong Center for Mindfulness.

With his substantial experience in educational psychology, parenting and mindfulness, Stanley has designed curriculum for courses on special educational needs in a local university, and has designed and translated more than 10 training programs on parent education and mindfulness, most of which are empirically researched by scholars from local universities. Among them, the “Happy Parenting Program”, designed in collaboration with the Heep Hong Society, was awarded the gold medal at the “Wofoo Asian Award for Advancing Family Well-Being” which took place in Seoul.

In addition, Chan is the Scientific Officer of the Asian Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, as well as an accredited Trainer of Psychological First Aid. He was also a Professional Volunteer of Psychological Support Service of Hong Kong Red Cross, providing psychological assistance to individuals who have undergone trauma.


Behavioral and Emotion Psychotherapy for Children
Parenting education
Individual psychotherapy and management programs
Psychological & Intellectual Assessment


MSocSc (Clin. Psych.) HKU
Registered Clinical Psychologist (HKPS, HKCPA)

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